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Liquid Oxygen



Ozone Purity’s famous “Liquid Oxygen” dramatically increases the amount of available oxygen to tissues and cells while also decreasing the pH creating an Alkaline state. Liquid Oxygen drops are a dietary supplement containing diatomic oxygen diffused in water and sea salt.  Oxygen can be absorbed into the bloodstream from the tongue or the stomach. Liquid Oxygen works hand and hand with all other nutrients and is safe to take with any other vitamins and minerals. Liquid Oxygen is a great anti-microbial, it inhibits growth and reduces the colony count of bacteria virus, yeasts, molds, fungi and parasites. 4 fl.oz. (30 mL)  Your friends in health at O 3 purity
Also good for:

  • Alkaline water pH
  • Boost energy
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Increase concentration and alertness
  • Speed recovery time from an injury or strenuous exercise
  • Aids in treatment for respiratory and allergy related conditions such as asthma and sinus infections


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