• Iodine was discovered by the French chemist Barnard Courtois in 1811. Courtois was extracting sodium and potassium compounds from seaweed ash. Once these compounds were removed, he added sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to further process the ash. He accidentally added too much acid and a violet colored cloud erupted from the mass. The gas condensed on metal objects in the room, creating solid iodine. Today, iodine is chiefly obtained from deposits of sodium iodate (NaIO3) and sodium periodate (NaIO4) in Chile and Bolivia.

    iodine is a basic element that is essential in human nutrition. trace amounts are able to prevent the most overt signs of iodine deficiency. iodine was indeed the first pure chemical ever prescribed by doctors for a specific ailment, goiter. to this day, iodized salt is made to prevent goiter by adding small amounts of potassium iodide to sodium chloride(table salt).

    that is really all any layperson is supposed to know about iodine. we are going a lot further.

    iodine is a halogen, meaning salt-maker. the four main halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.

    these are in order from the lightest atom to the heaviest. iodine is the very heaviest element that is bioactive within the organism we inhabit.

    try to understand halogens. they are reactive. they easily and quickly bind to other elements and form salts of those elements. in free form they will sublime into the air and radically alter anything they come in contact with. they are really dangerous. the first chemical warfare agent was chlorine gas - free chlorine in a concentration. it burned the skin and lungs and they died in their own juices.

    this dangerous attribute is most pronounced in pure elemental form and from the lightest to the heaviest, the lightest being the most reactive and most deadly. fluorine is a poison to all life on the planet. its presence in nature, almost completely bound up with other minerals and inert in the environment, is the only way we should encounter it. but we make rat poison out of it. and toothpaste. and put it as the waste product of the phosphorous and aluminum industries, into drinking water. as Einstein pointed out, genius, unlike stupidity, has its limits.

    chlorine is the next heaviest and quite abundant as salts of sodium and potassium, etc. the human body has much need for chlorides ("ides" being salts of said halogen). just look at the ocean. salt is life.

    there is some need for bromine in the human brain but so trace as to be guaranteed to be there. some Parkinsons meds contain bromine as there is evidence the bromine might be missing in the brain. bromine means stinks like a goat. taking hefty doses of sodium chloride can loosen bromide from the kidneys and cause brown stinky urine temporarily. avoid bromine as much as possible in fruit flavored sodas like orange crush and mountain dew and the orange flavored gatorade. ho, but wait. you cant avoid breathing and thats where most of the bromine comes from. your body burden will depend on your environment. if you are in public buildings and public transportation a lot, you could have dangerous levels in your body constantly. it comes from fire retardants. its in carpet and drapes and upholstery. it is used to drench public places and public transportation because of demands from insurers. those who fly have it the worst. also, fluorine comes in from breathing as well. its in waterproofing like used on hiking boots and as a stain resister in carpets and furniture.

    finally, iodine. it is very reactive in its elemental form but the elemental form is also the only way some therapies using iodine can be administered. hormonal cancers like those of the breast and ovaries and prostate and colon are directly related to iodine deficiency - a deficiency that is rectified using much greater amounts of iodine per day than the RDA(ridiculous daily amount). the general rule of thumb is that elemental iodine is medicine, the salt is just food. potassium iodine is added to all dog and cat food on the market. this, like the amount in salt, is very little, just enough so that a steady diet of said commercial food wont kill the animal for lack of iodine. yep.

    but don't underestimate potassium iodide. not only was it the first chemical medicine prescribed by MDs, it put pharmedico on the map, turning a profession that was hated and despised and shunned into a respected and desired practice.

    the snakeoil salesmen were the first to take advantage of it. it actually did more to help the cause of the symptoms than to simply mask them like opioids and coca products were known for. the medical profession became so enamored by this simple salt that they didn't graduate a student without teaching him this little rhyme: "If ye know not the where or the why, prescribe ye K and I." i can fully attest to this. the way i describe it is that iodine makes everything work better. this can take many forms and can be negative as well as positive. but regardless, it seems born out in every case.

    some more recently discovered and little explored iodine facts. total body burden of idoine was thought to be max 40mg but it has been shown that sufficiency so that all iodine intake flows back out is about 1500mg. this may very well be seen as a therapeutic level but what a beautiful thing that it does no harm in and of itself.

    that does not mean that orthoiodosupplementation is without adverse reactions. in some people it can cause quite a disruption as the abundance of the halogen iodine makes it harder for the chemical bond to hold for bromine and fluorine. both of these halogens can cause neurological problems until they are resolved. the best resolution, of course, is elimination. iodine is still needed. in fact, the stronger the reaction to iodine, the more it is indicated for that individual. cleansing, flushing, fasting and correcting other nutritional deficiencies are recommended and may be necessary. though it is counterintuitive, one of the quickest and easiest ways to overcome most difficulties supplementing iodine is to increase the dosage. i have seen a minimum of 100mg be what works for most. your mileage may vary.

    iodine is also necessary for 87 different enzymatic reactions in the body. thats 87 chemical detours your body may be having to take and get behind the health curve trying to keep up with demand. its necessary for all hormone receptors. all of them. for estrogen and testosterone and growth hormone and vitamin D and insulin! know anyone with problems with vitamin D or insulin??? ive seen 50mg of lugols turn diabetes around over night. from insulin dependent to no shots for the last five years.

    gosh. it seems to have some kind of emotional component. i think it may very well have to do with the liver and that iodine tends fat to the liquid state. both the hulda clark liver flush and supplementing iodine can have a governing effect on emotions. it also seems to help self control. i would use it at any addiction clinic coming in the door first thing.

    i could just keep going. it has an antiseptic effect. it has an overall anti cancer effect by promoting normal cell apoptosis. it has an antiparastic effect. it is the unobstructor - it promotes circulation.  i truly believe that it helps to sustain life.

    frankly, it covers a multitude of sins and has potential for minor abuse like cheating on a good diet or getting over a party or allowing to burn both ends of your candle, etc.

    i have been asked to say why my SSKI has such a profound effect over other iodine supplements. all i can think of is that i use only the highest quality ingredients and i dont rush it. the concentration is such that it is easier for people to get the proper amount of iodine for their purposes. thats another one of those things about iodine - it only works if you take enough of it.